New Media Technologies

eBook Publishing

Want to join the e-Publication Revolution?
Learn about creative writing and convert your stories into e-Books or interactive iPhone/iPad Applications




Duration: 12 Sessions of 2 Hours



3D Printing

Get your students to learn about problem solving through 3D printing. It allow students to learn how to design, 3D printing and marketing their own products




Duration: 8 Sessions of 2 Hours


StopMotion Animation

Using basic principles of animation, students will learn how animation works and will use the knowledge learnt to create their own frame by frame animation. Students will also learn to post edit their animation to create them into a story!




Duration: 5 Sessions of 2 Hours


Video Making with iMovie and / or Final Cut Pro

Students will learn the full process of producing a short film by going through the pre-production, production and post-production of film making. They will then use these skills such as scripting, camera handling and editing skills to fabricate their short film!




Duration: 4 Sessions of 2 Hours


Digital Music Creation using Garageband

Students will learn how to create their own music pieces by taping the power of midi instruments and other music loops. Students can also learn how to create music using everyday items and even iPod Touch/iPhone




Duration: 3 Sessions of 2 Hours


Podcast / or Vodcast using GarageBand

Using basic songwriting principles, students will learn how to create music through the aid of using digital audio workstations on the Mac or using an i-Device.




Duration: 2 Sessions of 2 Hours



Mobile Apps Creation

App Code

Students will learn how to conceptualize and programme mobile applications for mobile devices like the iPhone/iPads-Touches. Students will be able to create their own games or applications for teaching and learning purposes




Duration: 10 Sessions of 2 Hours


Game Creation

Students will learn about game concept and game design framework through different examples of games. After learning about the game mechanics, students will be able to design and create their own games




Duration: 10 Sessions of 2 Hours


C++ Programming

Introduce students the basic infrastructure and foundation of C++ Programming. It enhances student's logical thinking & problem-solving skills on different algorithms structure questions




Duration: 10 Sessions of 2 Hours



Moving Technologies


SGTrailz gives students a tailored made outdoor activity. Students will be provided with mobile devices, loaded with application that will test student's understanding and knowledge




Duration: 2 Hours


Moving Visuals on the Go

Students will be able to explore, film and edit using i-Devices that equipped with an in-built camera. they will be taught video making techniques such as camera handling, editing and more




Duration: 3 Sessions of 2 Hours


Music Creation on i-Devices

With the availability of i-Devices, music making is as simple as a touch and at anywhere. The students will be taught music creation techniques such as looping jungles selection and more




Duration: 3 Hours



Web and Print

Graphic Design

Want to create a poster? or design graphics for mobile game application? or just want to post- edit some photos? Our design course can cater to all your designing needs. Students will get to utilize design skills they learnt to apply for their design projects.




Duration: 3 Sessions of 2 Hours


Website Creation

Want to learn how to build a website? Look no further as we have experienced trainers filled with years of industry experience to empower their students with different levels of web building knowledge.




Duration: 2 Sessions of 2 Hours



Upcoming Programmes

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Professional Developement

Apple Related Consultancy

Elchemi have been working closely with teachers and conduct teachers training and consultation. We would love to inspire them about technology and see how we can make technology work for all of us.

Programmes we have conducted for teachers include but not limited to out of the box training, digital literacy, deployment of mobile devices in classroom, content creation and management.

Our Apple Profesional Development Consultants would work with the schools on the following key activities:

a. Consult and collaborate with leadership and curriculum personnels to develop an effective IT plan which will supportive the schools current initiatives

b. Provide professional development training as needed by individual schools to equip these personnels with the necessary IT skills and knowledge to support the effective implementation of their IT initiatives

c. Understand the challenges faced by the educators and able to give constructive advice on how to effectively using infusing technology to the curriculum

After our inital meeting, we would be able to better advice and provide customised training or consultancy sessions to address the needs of you and your team.

Duration: 1 to 50 days

Click here to find out more about our Apple Professional Development Consultants and their expertises.

Short courses

3D Printing

Participants will learn be introduced to the world of 3D Printing and explore the challenges in transforming great ideas into products.

App Creation

Participants will learn about the application development process and learn how to create their very own teaching and learning apps.

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