Mr Toh Kai Wei (MEd,  PGDE(Sec), BEng)

Email: kaiwei@elchemi.net

Kai Wei is an Apple Professional Developer who is also a flexi adjunt teacher teaching craft & technology. Kai Wei has more than 10 years of teaching experience in local schools where he has worked in various committees specializing areas such as discipline, student leadership and NA/NT. Having a M.Ed in Education Psychology in Measurement and Evaluation from National Institute of Education, Kai Wei is passionate in developing and nuturing the students in different aspects. He also has a strong interest in the use of technologies to support students in learning and teachers in teaching. His passion in this area has enabled him to be an advisor for a group of teachers in the use of iPads in classroom teaching in 2011.

Area of Expertises:

Action Research,Craft and Technology, Technology Integration, and Research Methodology

Programmes Available

- Teachers PD programme on use of iPads in Classroom: This programme will enable the APD to with the selected teachers to assess their competency in the area of iPads and applications related in the subject areas that they are teaching in. From there, the APD will work with the teachers to provide consultancy and feedback in their use of iPads in the classroom. Moving on, there will also be a series of consultancy sessions with these teachers to ensure the follow up and continuity.

- Journey with iPad (for D&T): This programme will teach the teachers how to do design journey with the D&T students using applications such as Pages and SketchBookX using iPads. It is also suitable for students who would like to learn the design journey and use this activity in their classes.

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